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Assorted Rants Tagged ‘3D’, page 1:

Game Graphics 101: Rendering Pipeline & Shaders

Quote: “each of the stages of the rendering pipeline is operating on a large set of items (vertices or fragments/pixels)”
Another Quote: “These days, even if the program uses fixed-pipeline, that fixed-pipeline is simulated over shaders anyway 😉”

Game Graphics 101: Lights!.. Camera!.. Frustum?

Quote: “In games, more often than not, we’ll be dealing with so-called Phong reflection model.”
Another Quote: “with orthographic projection, the lines which project points from our 3D world onto our 2D screen, are no longer converging to one single point; instead, they go parallel to each other.”

Game Graphics 101: Textures, UV Mapping, and Texture Filtering

Quote: “Size-wise, textures are HUGE. Actually, in a typical 3D game, 90%+ of the space on disk (and of GPU bandwidth/RAM) are used by textures.”
Another Quote: “3D anti-aliasing algorithms can be divided into two large groups: ‘proper’ anti-aliasing (the one which tries to avoid anti-aliasing in the first place), and ‘post-processing’ anti-aliasing (the one which creates an aliased image – and then post-processes it to make it look better).”

MOG Graphics 101: 3D Maths Basics, Meshes, Client- and Server-Side Polygon Counts

Quote: “for the purposes of the MOG network communications, I usually suggest using Euler angles to represent rotations/orientations”
Another Quote: “One thing which persistently haunts 3D developers, is polygon count.”

Client-Side. Graphics from “D&D of MMOG” upcoming book

Quote: “Making 3D work is not easy to start with, but making it look good is a major challenge.”
Another Quote: “In such cases of dual visual interfaces, it is paramount to have Logic-to-Graphics layer as described above”