H.A.R.E. and Bunnylore

Plural for Hare: hare or hares

— Merriam-Webster Dictionary —


Strictly speaking, each of our hare(s) is not just any hare, but a H.A.R.E., which stands for “Honest And Restless Engineer”. Other H.A.R.E. rabbits may include other sub-species, such as “Heartless And Rough Engineer”, or “Hyperactive And Rebellious Engineer”, or even “Harebrained And Reckless Engineer”. Rabbit Warren 1. An underground system of interconnected tunnels occupied by rabbits.
2. A confusing environment.
— Wiktionary —
Overall, some scientists argue that all H.A.R.E.s can be described by the following formula: H[a-z]* And R[a-z]* Engineer, but this is still a subject of numerous debates within Rabbit Academia.

The Warren of Bunnylore

Bunnylore is a large rabbit outsourcing warren, where lots of various members of Leporidae family make their living from providing various software services. All kinds of H.A.R.E.s, from junior developers to architects, have made Bunnylore their home. As one of them have said on condition of anonymity: “It’s a living. Sometimes, it’s even fun.”

Rabbit outsourcing warren of Bunnylore

Our H.A.R.E.

‘No Bugs’ Hare

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Species:H.A.R.E. (as "Honest And Restless Engineer")
Job Title:Sarcastic Architect
Hobbies:Thinking Aloud, Arguing with Managers, Annoying HRs,
Calling a Spade a Spade, Keeping Tongue in Cheek
'No Bugs' Bunny

Once upon a time, in a rabbit outsourcing warren of Bunnylore, there was a young software developer bunny. And as a developer, he has had one very unusual treat: he was obsessed with eliminating all the bugs he can get his forelegs on. So, it is not surprising that his friends called him a “No Bugs” Bunny (or simply “NoBugs”).

Later on, he grew up, so he decided that “Bunny” in his name has became inappropriate (not to mention potential arguments with Warner Brothers), so he has asked all his friends to call him “No Bugs” Hare. He has made a career as a team lead and software architect, and they lived happily ever after.

‘Prodigy’ Hare

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Species:H.A.R.E. (as "Hyperactive And Rebellious Engineer")
Job Title:Annoying but Promising Junior Developer
Hobbies:Ranting, Complaining, Annoying Superiors

‘Prodigy’ Hare is a young fellow, in the middle of his university courses. Despite this, he is very self-confident, knows quite a bit about new technologies, and is eager to share his knowledge about them. Tends to think about ‘No Bugs’ generation as of dinosauri.

As he's still spending most of his time attending lectures and listening to a really boring stuff, he's fascinated about a prospect to return the favour and teach his teachers a bit or two.

‘Sergeant Major’ Hare

Species:H.A.R.E. (as "Harsh And Ruthless Engineer")
Job Title:Security-Enforcing Developer
Hobbies:Disciplining, More Disciplining, Even More Disciplining

‘Sergeant Major’ Hare is obsessed with writing secure software. He is even more obsessed with making everybody else to write even more secure software.