Write for Us

In “IT Hare on soft.ware”, we’re interested in highs-quality materials about software in general, and especially about topics which have very little coverage, such as architecture, and team and project management.

We’re not really interested in a yet another repetition of the stuff which can be found elsewhere. Explanations of “how to concatenate strings in <whatever-programming-language>” belong to StackOverflow, not here.

We are interested in original research, previously unpublished tricks, opinions (especially not-so-common and controversial ones), and other writings which come from your heart.

Guest Posts

We will not pay for materials (and you won’t pay us for publishing either). We will publish a link to your site (without an infamous “nofollow” attribute), your bio, and your photo (that is, if you provide them).

We will try to provide illustrations (especially if you have ideas what kind of picture can illustrate your article), “pull-quotes” and “wikiquotes” to improve visual presentation of your article.

We started to get quite a few guest post requests from professional content writers who have very little idea about software development and IT in general; unfortunately (and not really surprisingly), none of them was able to produce anything of potential interest for your readers; moreover – we suspect that most of these requests were essentially mass e-mails. To make sure that your request for guest post is NOT ignored – please

mention your development/IT experience in your guest post (or at least explain why it is not necessary for your planned post)

Hare thumb down:You can guess the fate of such e-mails.If your guest post request neither mentions your IT experience nor explains why you don’t really need experience to write for us – we will consider your e-mail as a mass e-mail on the list-you-got-via-some-kind-of-bot, without even spending time to read this very page. You can guess the fate of such e-mails.

Regular Writing and Own Character

If you write on regular basis, we can create your own H.A.R.E. character, according to your wishes.

So, What Are You Waiting For?

E-mail us your post proposal: nobugs@ithare.com. We’ll be back to you shortly.