Real People Behind The Hare

IRL Abbreviation for In Real Life. Often used... to let people know you are talking about something in the real world and not in the internet world.— Urban Dictionary —IRL Our team is currently small, but very diverse. Combined together, we have tons of experience which covers very different fields – from system architecture to animation, from gaming to cryptography and abstract algebra.

Sergey I.    Linkedin

Sergey IgnatchenkoSergey Ignatchenko is a developer, team lead, and architect with 20+ years of experience in the industry. One of founding fathers of the warren of Bunnylore. Usually works with ‘No Bugs’ Hare trying to make some sense out of his ranting.

Dmytro I.    Linkedin

Dmytro IvanchykhinDmytro Ivanchykhin is a mathematician involved in several aspects of software development. Areas of interest include abstract algebra, cryptography, low-level optimization, and so on. Often helps ‘No Bugs’ Hare with maths.

Dmitri I.    Facebook

Dmitri IgnatchenkoDmitri Ignatchenko is an UCL student. His first-hand knowledge of gaming and second-hand knowledge of modern technologies help Dmitri to understand ‘Prodigy’ Hare when translating his musings into comprehensible English.

Sergey G.    Linkedin

Sergey GordeevSergey Gordeev is a famous animator and illustrator. His career includes many animation awards, and being a director of Mr.Bean animation series. Currently, he’s heading his own company, Gordeev Animation Graphics, which is based in beautiful Prague. For IT Hares, he is the author of all the characters and illustrations.

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