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Disclosure: On this site you won’t find specific advice on “how to call function xyz()”. Interpreting C++ ARM and #pragma dwim is also out of scope.

We’re treating our readers as intelligent beings who can use Google and/or StackOverflow, where all such specific questions were answered more than once.

What you will find is opinions, more opinions, and even more opinions on all the aspects of software development - and with a large chunk of them based on real-world experience too.

Your mileage may vary. Batteries not included.


MOGs: Hacks and Hackers

Quote: “One of the nastier-for-us features of IDA Pro is so-called F.L.I.R.T.”
Another Quote: “All the popular protection methods lag well-behind capabilities of the average-attacker-on-a-100K-simultaneous-player-game.”

Merits of Anti-Reverse-Engineering for MOGs

Quote: “Given enough time, everything can be broken”
Another Quote: “in this fight, most of the non-cheating player population will be on our side”

Real-World 802.11ac Wi-Fi Testing: 7×6 Routers-x-Adapters Matrix. Part III. Results and Conclusions

Quote: “There is no such thing as ‘the best router’; strictly speaking – you need to test each specific pair of (router,adapter) to get anywhere-reliable results.”
Another Quote: “with that limited data we have now, I’d rather stay away from Realtek-based adapters.”

Real-World 802.11ac Wi-Fi Testing: 7×6 Routers-x-Adapters Matrix. Part I. Routers.

Quote: “Whatever throughput numbers are promised by router manufacturers, in real world should be divided by the factor of 2.5x-5x”
Another Quote: “Each router was tested with each of the cards/adapters, which gives us 42 tests on 2.4GHz band and 42 tests on 5GHz”

OLTP Database Optimization 102 – DIY Heterogeneous Replication (Part II)

Quote: “The point of Super-Replica is that it is a replica Slave DB which is larger than original Master DB”
Another Quote: “this “don’t write some HISTORICAL data to Master DB” approach can easily allow to reduce the load on the Master OLTP DB by a factor of 2x-3x”

OLTP Optimization 102: DYI Heterogeneous Replication. Part I (Basics)

Quote: “there are still several Big Fat Reasons™ to use DIY replicas”
Another Quote: “With the Replication Messages described above, it is ok to apply Replication Messages to Slave DB which is newer than exactly necessary.”