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How Blockchains Get Attacked and How Bitcoin Got Hacked, Part I

Quote: “Security is often cited as the foremost advantage of choosing blockchain technology over centralized systems.”
Another Quote: “There are recorded cases of hackers either compromising or taking advantage of loopholes in self- executing contracts on the blockchain”

Too Much Unit Testing Is Detrimental for Code Quality?

Quote: “Code quality tends to be Quite Bad(tm) when there is no unit testing at all, reaching maximum when there are 0 to 10% of the unit testing methods, and degrading afterwards.”
Another Quote: “It is quite easy to get past the optimum amount of unit testing for your project. And whenever your unit testing starts to affect your code in a negative way – you should stop”

CAS (Re)Actor for Non-Blocking Multithreaded Primitives

Quote: in 2017, I started to feel that the Dark Ages of mutex-based thread sync were over
Another Quote: Another issue which almost universally rears its ugly head when speaking about not-so-trivial uses of CAS is the so-called ABA problem.

Testing Memory Allocators: ptmalloc2 vs tcmalloc vs hoard vs jemalloc While Trying to Simulate Real-World Loads

Quote: “if you DO want to get performance from changing mallocs, make sure to test them with your own app”
Another Quote: “in our humble opinion, overall winner so far (by a nose) is jemalloc.”

How to consume an HTTP API

Quote: “Programs are not the self-contained, self-reliant, self-sufficient things they once were.”
Another Quote: “I highly recommend you log every HTTP request you send and every HTTP response you receive.”

Unchecked Exceptions for C++

Quote: “‘unchecked’ std::errors are treated as ‘something which should never ever happen, but in practice MAY occur as a result of potentially-recoverable bug'”
Another Quote: “Failing-Fast does NOT mean we should necessarily Fail-Hard(!). In certain (production!) cases, Failing-Fast-AND-Soft IS a substantially better alternative.”