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Server-Side Hardware for MOGs

Quote: “beware: “being able to handle 1Gbit/s in general”, and “being able to handle 1Gbit/s in 60-byte packets” are often two very different things”
Another Quote: “any heavily-writing DB is going to be quite sensitive to the latency of writing to the database log”

Deterministic Components for Interactive Distributed Systems – with Transcript

The following are slides and a transcript of my talk on ACCU2017 conference in Bristol, UK. Good afternoon everybody. Thanks for coming, and I hope that during this talk I will be able to tell a thing or three which might be of interest. As it is said on the tin, I am determined to speak […]

Services Provided: Co-Location vs Rented/Dedicated Servers vs Cloud

Quote: “in general – I suggest to have your first few servers rented, and think about scaling your load (including using cloud servers) while you’re running your playtesting/public beta/etc.”
Another Quote: “most likely to rent just the space in the datacenter is going to be more expensive that renting space plus servers-in-that-space. Don’t ask me why it is the case – but it usually is”

Preparing to Deploy your Game: To Cloud or Not to Cloud?

Quote: “In fact, the following “hybrid” model is more optimal than both pure cloud-based and pure rental-based ones”
Another Quote: “One relatively recent and certainly welcome addition to the cloud scene, is so-called “bare-metal cloud” servers.”

Production Crashes. Post-factum Debugging. Logging. Replayable Deterministic Re(Actors)

Quote: “I’ve seen game companies with hundreds of thousands of dollars lost per hour of unplanned server downtime.”
Another Quote: “deterministic debugging is by far the best thing I have seen for production debugging.”