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What you will find is opinions, more opinions, and even more opinions on all the aspects of software development - and with a large chunk of them based on real-world experience too.

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#CPPCON2017. Day 1. Hope to get something-better-than-chevron-hell

At CPPCON2017 day 1, interesting (and IMO good <smile />) things were happening. A Chance to Get Readable Formatting: {fmt} IMO, the most important thing which has happened on Day 1 was a series of discussions about a potential to adding an alternative to overloaded operator << in iostreams <yay! />. Those who know me […]

Outline for Chapter on Bot Fighting and Anti Reverse Engineering

As I am speaking on CPPCON2017 on Friday, I didn’t have time to prepare the next chapter of “Development and Deployment of Multiplayer Online Games”. Still, I have a fairly interesting piece of information to share; it is a planned outline for one of the most controversial chapters in the whole 9 volumes, a chapter […]

#CPPCON2017 Day 0: IMO best posters

Very short report from day 0 of CPPCON2017. Registration reception was lively (with Gor Nishanov being the star of the show, but lots of the other interesting people were noticed, I even spotted <da-dum /> Bjarne Himself). There were posters, and while some were well, not to my taste (example: IMNSHO, a global deadlock detection […]

Choosing Version Control System for MOG development

Quote: “For game development (and unlike most of other software development projects), you’re likely to have binary files which need to be edited (representing so-called “assets”)”
Another Quote: “for open-source games, Git does have a Very Significant Advantage™”

MOGdev: to feature branch or not to feature branch?

Quote: “As a rule of thumb, for gamedev we DO need to have our version control to be easily usable by non-developers.”
Another Quote: “it is the second developer to commit who becomes a rotten egg responsible for resolving conflicts”

OLTP Optimization Cheat Sheets for dbdevs and DBAs

Quote: “Have I already mentioned that you DO need to understand execution plans?”
Another Quote: “DO keep in mind that maintaining indexes has its own cost”

DB Execution Plans for C++/Java Developers, and for anybody who has read Knuth

Quote: “If I was a compiler-with-ability-to-create-indexes-as-I-need-it – what would I do to make The Ideal Execution Plan™ for this request?”
Another Quote: “When we have that ideal-execution-plan – we still need to convince our SQL compiler to use it”