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On Programming Language Complexity, or Our Brain as a CPU with 7+-2 Registers

Quote: “Let’s consider our brain as a CPU, which consists of the control unit, ALU, and 7+-2 registers.”
Another Quote: “Moving C++ one step farther from being a brainfuck is IMNSHO always a Good Thing(tm)”

A Usable C++ Dialect that is Safe Against Memory Corruption

Quote: “we DID get a perfectly usable C++ dialect which is also 100% safe against memory corruption and against memory leaks.”
Another Quote: “we can (and often SHOULD) have different approaches to safety of the Reactor::react() and the rest of the code.”

C++: Thoughts on Dealing with Signed/Unsigned Mismatch

Quote: “we’re just narrowly avoiding a disaster without understanding how close we were”
Another Quote: “there is a chance that intuitive::lt MIGHT be a good thing to make behaviour of our C++ code to correspond better to our-expectations-when-we’re-reading-it”

C++17 Compiler Bug Hunt: Very First Results (12 bugs reported, 3 already fixed)

Quote: “Hey, if all I have is lemons – I have no choice but to make lemonade out of them!”
Another Quote: “if reproducible serious bugs are ignored for many months, it indicates one of three possibilities”

Bot Fighting 104. Known Bots and Environment Scans.

Quote: “Most of multi-million-dollar games have a special team dealing specifically with public and semi-private bots.”
Another Quote: “it might help to ensure that whatever-information-you-collect, DOES NOT leave the player’s box”

7 DevOps Mistakes that should be avoided

Quote: “I used to think I was doing DevOps because I was using Jenkins and because development and operations were working together. How naive.”
Another Quote: “Your job is done when you meet your customer’s expectations after delivery. “