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Assorted Rants Tagged ‘Spectacular Failure’, page 1:

Using Parallel <algorithm> Without a Clue: 90x Performance Loss Instead of 8x Gain

Abstract: “I made an experiment which demonstrates Big Fat Dangers(tm) of implying that parallelization can be made as simple as just adding a policy parameter to your std:: call.”
Quote: “it is still necessary to understand what we’re doing”

War on Clones, Part I. IP-based (non-)Identification. Identifying PCs and Macs

Quote: “NEVER EVER use IPv4 for long-term bans”
Another Quote: “If using MAC addresses to identify devices, you SHOULD gather stats on repeating MAC addresses within your DB”

Random Number Generation

Quote: “even if your RNG is statistically perfect, people will still complain 🙁 “
Another Quote: “On modern x86 CPUs, single core can generate 150M+ random bytes/second this way (and this is a Damn Lot).”

If they wrote it in a book, it MUST BE GOOD CODE!
How many mistakes can fit into 100 lines of book tutorial code? Part 2

Abstract: There are books and there are books. Some of the books can be trusted. Some are to be avoided.
Quote: “While the detection of pointer parameter being NULL is almost universally a good idea, having it silently ignored might lead to difficult-to-find bugs.”

If they wrote it in a book, it MUST BE GOOD CODE!
How many mistakes can fit into 100 lines of book tutorial code. Part 1

Quote: “Throwing away 1400 bytes for no reason for every single network message is an outrageous waste”
Another Quote: “Having this kind of stuff in your code is like having a time bomb: it will explode, and for any sizeable project if will usually happen sooner rather than later (unless, of course, “later” is the worst possible time for the explosion to happen)”

Non-Superfluous People: UX Specialists

Quote: “Hey folks, it is a Writer application, where most of the work is done (surprise!) with a keyboard, and moving a hand from keyboard to mouse for such a routine task is a waste of time.”
Another Quote: “In any project which has UI (and has more than 1 or 2 developers), you do need somebody to advocate end-user interests.”