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Assorted Rants Tagged ‘2D’, page 1:

Game Graphics 101: 2D Animation, Sprites, Double and Triple Buffering

Quote: “If you’re using double buffering AND perform buffer swap in sync with the V-Sync signal, your monitor will show your game just as a movie projector with shutter would show a cartoon in the cinema”
Another Quote: “I’ve seen a pretty minimal 2D engine written from scratch at a cost of 4-6 person-weeks”

Game Graphics 101: Static 2D (Vectors/Rasters, Color Spaces, 2D Anti-Aliasing, etc.)

Quote: “when trying to scale vector image to VERY small pixel sizes – you might get problems”
Another Quote: “Internally, JPEG uses a close cousin of a Fourier Transform, which works over 8×8 pixel blocks.”

Client-Side. Graphics from “D&D of MMOG” upcoming book

Quote: “Making 3D work is not easy to start with, but making it look good is a major challenge.”
Another Quote: “In such cases of dual visual interfaces, it is paramount to have Logic-to-Graphics layer as described above”