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This category consists of posts which form “1st beta” of the Vol.I-III of the upcoming book “Development & Deployment of Multiplayer Online Games”. Please note that “2nd beta” (available on Indiegogo) has 75% of the new content compared to the “1st beta” (in particular, based on the comments here on ithare.com and on /r/programming), so please don’t hit me too hard for the quality of the “1st beta”. ToC of “2nd beta”.

D&D of MOGs: Vol I-III (1st beta), page 3:

Client-Side. Client Architecture Diagram, Threads, and Game Loop

Quote: “To have a good concurrency model, it is not strictly necessary to program in Erlang”
Another Quote: “Most of developers agree that FSM-based programming is beneficial in the medium- to long-run.”

Client-Side. On Debugging Distributed Systems, Deterministic Logic, and Finite State Machines

Quote: “After your logic has failed in production, you can “replay” this inputs-log on your functionally identical in-house system, and the bug will be reproduced at the very same point where it has originally happened.”
Another Quote: “You can implement your Finite State Machine as a deterministic variation of a usual event-driven program”

Client-Side. Programming Languages for Games, including Resilience to Reverse Engineering and Portability

Quote: “from all the popular compiled languages, C++ tends to produce the binary code which is the most difficult-to-reverse-engineer (that is, provided that you have turned all the optimizations on, disabled debug info, and are not using DLLs)”
Another Quote: “Bot fighting is always a two-way battle with bot writers inventing a way around the MMO defences, and then MMO developers striking back with a new defence against the most recent attack; rinse and repeat.”

Client-Side. Graphics from “D&D of MMOG” upcoming book

Quote: “Making 3D work is not easy to start with, but making it look good is a major challenge.”
Another Quote: “In such cases of dual visual interfaces, it is paramount to have Logic-to-Graphics layer as described above”

DIY vs Re-Use: In Search of Balance from upcoming book “Design&Development of MMOG”

Quote: “The biggest problem with building your game around 3rd-party game engine is that in this case, the game engine becomes your Absolute Dependency”
Another Quote: “In future chapters we will keep in mind three specific game/network engines, and will discuss their pros and cons with relation to the issues we are raising. These engines are Unity 5, Unreal Engine 4, and Photon Server”

On Cheating, P2P, and [non-]Authoritative Servers from “D&D of MMOG” book

Abstract: “Any successful MMOG faces cheaters, and currently authoritative servers is the only way which enables fighting them.”
Quote: “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe. — Albert Einstein”