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Assorted Rants Tagged ‘Wireshark’, page 1:

Network Programming: Socket Peculiarities, Threads, and Testing

Quote: “I am not saying that this architecture is the only viable one, but it does work for TCP for sure (and performs reasonably well too)”
Another Quote: “The whole task of optimizing performance beyond, say, 20-50K packets/second per box tends to be Quite Elaborated, and involves quite a few things which are platform- and hardware-dependent.”

Part IIIb: Server-Side (deployment, optimizations, and testing) of 64 Network DO’s and DONT’s for Game Engines

Quote: “If your game is the only one working when all the competition is down, it improves user perception about your app a lot.”
Another Quote: “Most importantly, however, this approach allows to keep your players happy – and this is one thing which really matters”