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Assorted Rants Tagged ‘Compression’, page 1:

UDP from MOG Perspective

Quote: “you may think of UDP as of an analog of good old C: you can do pretty much everything, but it is not because the language helps you – it is rather because it doesn’t stand in the way :-)”
Another Quote: “As most of the routers (including pretty much every backbone router out there) are not configured to support multicast, it makes multicast over the public Internet hopeless :-(“

MMOG: World States and Reducing Traffic

Quote: “In practice, for most classical RPGs you can get away with simulating each of your PCs and NPCs as a box (parallelepiped), or as prism (say, hexagonal or octagonal one)”
Another Quote: “Mathematically speaking, without Interest Management, the amount of data on our servers will need to send (to all players combined), is O(N^2). Interest Management reduces this number to O(N)”

Part VI: TCP of 64 Network DO’s and DON’Ts for Multi-Player Game Developers

Quote: “In addition, if TCP_NODELAY is set, it MIGHT help to mitigate consequences of exponential backoff algorithm in case of lost packets.”
Another Quote: “All of us are seeing ‘hung’ HTTP connections on a regular basis – that is, when we’ve clicked a link, and the page loading is stuck forever.”

Part V: UDP of 64 Network DO’s and DON’Ts for Game Engines

Quote: “In general, lag and jitter are not specific to UDP, and manifest themselves for absolutely any Internet connection.”
Another Quote: “If you need a globally-reachable server with single-digit-ms lag for all the players, it is simply not possible”