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For each of us there is a field where we can be considered dummies (yes, even for You). However, for a professional in the field, describing things which are sooooo obvious to him because he’s doing them for last 20 years, might be really difficult.

Here goes a series of “how to” articles which are aiming to describe things from the point of view of newbie in the field, who has spent just a few days on the subject, so his language and understanding won’t be too different from the other newbies.

For Dummies by Dummies, page 1:

How to Choose a Development Laptop

Developers have specific needs with their systems. If you are a developer, or have been considered giving programming a try, then you will need the right equipment for the job. Choosing a development laptop may seem like an arduous task, but really it’s not unlike choosing any other laptop. By following the steps highlighted below, […]