If you're in trouble and cannot find an answer to a question which goes beyond Stack Overflow...
If you have a not-so-usual solution for your problems but need to justify it to your boss...
If you like to think on your own rather than blindly follow "common wisdom" and "profound truth"...
...then 'No Bugs' Hare on Soft.ware might be the right place for you.
Your mileage may vary. Batteries not included
“Prodigy” Hare
Author:“Prodigy” Hare  Follow: Twitter
Species:H.A.R.E. (as "Hyperactive And Rebellious Engineer")
Job Title:Annoying but Promising Junior Developer
Hobbies:Ranting, Complaining, Annoying Superiors

‘Prodigy’ Hare is a young fellow, in the middle of his university courses. Despite this, he is very self-confident, knows quite a bit about new technologies, and is eager to share his knowledge about them. Tends to think about ‘No Bugs’ generation as of dinosauri.

As he's still spending most of his time attending lectures and listening to a really boring stuff, he's fascinated about a prospect to return the favour and teach his teachers a bit or two.

All rants of “Prodigy” Hare, Vol.1: