If you're in trouble and cannot find an answer to a question which goes beyond Stack Overflow...
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Each and every of successful team leads has their own philosophy. And while there is no “one correct” philosophy (in the very same manner as there is no “one correct” religion), different philosophies lead to different results.

Of course, as successful team leads, IT Hares have their own philosophy, which they’re not ashamed to share.

Development Philosophy, page 2:

On CMM, Formalism and Creativity

Abstract: CMM, if taken literally, inhibits creativity “by definition”. See if we can find a creative way to allow creativity to survive.
Quote: “…where the head of the organization is second-rate, he will see to it that his immediate staff are all third-rate; and they will, in turn, see to it that their subordinates are fourth-rate.” – C.N. Parkinson