Update on Progress with “Development & Deployment of MOGs” book, and updated ToC too

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I have to admit that I neglected to post updates about the progress with my “Development & Deployment of Multiplayer Online Games” book. Sure, new “1st beta” Chapters from upcoming Vol. 2 are posted every week, but any information about the progress of Vol. 1 was available only on Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

Pumbaa: You really think I look fat?
Timon: You’re a pig. It’s a compliment!

— The Lion King 1½ —

I am happy to inform all our readers that the Vol. 1 is doing fine. While it gained quite a bit of weight (now it is approx. 210 kilos1) – for this kind of book it is more of advantage than not.

Also, I’m really happy to report that about a week ago, I completed “2nd beta” of the Vol. 1 and

sent the manuscript2 to the editor (Kevin Anderson from ka-writing.com)
for a structural review. It means that Vol. 1 can see the light at the end of the tunnel.3 BTW, while we’re at it – a shameless plug: if by any chance you’re interested in obtaining this “2nd beta” right now and real book later – you can get it at Indiegogo (to get 2nd beta – make sure to e-mail me after backing it on Indie).

After doing that, I got more time on my clavicles, and

updated ToC of the book – and made it collapsible too.

I think it made the ToC usable for the first time in a looooong while (my apologies for not doing it sooner).


That’s all the news for now – and stay tuned!

1 as in “K of words”
2 a fancy name for “a bunch of .docx files”
3 let’s hope it is indeed the end of the tunnel and not a train


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