IT Hare on the Rampage!

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Job Title:Sarcastic Architect
Hobbies:Thinking Aloud, Arguing with Managers, Annoying HRs,
Calling a Spade a Spade, Keeping Tongue in Cheek

Today is quite a significant day in the history of IT Hare web site. Effective immediately, we’re starting to publish at least bi-weekly updates, with the content which is 100% unique to Re-posts of ‘No Bugs’ articles from Overload will continue (as earlier, on a bi-monthly basis).

'Prodigy' Hare
Updates will come every 2nd and 4th Monday of the month; on other Mondays, there might be posts, but as of now, we cannot guarantee that we’re able to post every week.

We’re also adding a new hare to the list of the IT Hare authors. Let me introduce ‘Prodigy’ Hare (see picture on the right). He’s a young (but very confident) fellow who likes to speak about newer technologies (and to teach “dinosaurs” such as ‘No Bugs’ a thing or three).

Stay tuned! Our IT Hare on soft.ware site is going to become even more insightful and what’s more important, even more controversial 😉 .

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