FWIW: I’m speaking at ACCU conference on Apr 24th in Bristol, UK

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Speaking at Conference

Just to inform everybody who might be interested: I am going to speak at ACCU conference, which will be held on Apr 25-29, 2017 in Bristol, UK. My presentation titled “Deterministic Components for Interactive Distributed Systems: Benefits and Implementation”, is scheduled on Apr 24th, at 2pm.

The presentation is going to cover determinism benefits (from production post-mortem analysis to replay-based regression testing) and ways to implement it – give or take along the lines of discussion on determinism in Chapter V (Reactors) and Chapter XVII (Databases) of my upcoming book “D&D of MOGs” (a.k.a. #DDMOG).

Assertive hare:I WANT YOUJust in case if somebody still didn’t make his/her mind whether to go to ACCU conference this year 😉 – here is full schedule, and BTW it is not too late to register. While seeing and hearing Yours Truly isn’t likely to justify the time spent – there are much more interesting people speaking there, including Herb Sutter, Kevlin Henney, Nicolai Josuttis, Jon Jagger, and Roger Orr.

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