Facelift for ‘No Bugs’

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For quite a while, there were complaints about “those cute rabbits”, and one site visitor has even said that “No Bugs” reminds him of a salesman 🙁 .

To avoid ‘No Bugs’ becoming a “display of blatant cuteness” and to avoid this “salesman-like” appearance (which has never been the idea behind ‘No Bugs’) – we decided to give ‘No Bugs’ a facelift.

If you don’t see the difference – please press Ctrl+Reload (or Shift+Reload).

Before After

Please comment below whether you like this new look of ‘No Bugs’ or not…

Which face of No Bugs do you like better?

  • "Old" one (44%, 75 Votes)
  • "New" one (30%, 51 Votes)
  • Whatever - both are good (20%, 35 Votes)
  • Whatever - both are annoying (6%, 10 Votes)

Total Voters: 171

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Cartoons by Sergey GordeevIRL from Gordeev Animation Graphics, Prague.

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  1. Andrew says


    New one is growing on me. I liked your logo because the rabbits looked the same but evinced different attitudes—serious, serious, engaging/conspiratorial/cheeky. Quite liked the use of multiple identical rabbits because it sort of implied that all devs had the same goals/were on the same side. Picking out the silly one as different spoiled this idea a little.

    However, overthinking this. Both look good.

  2. says

    The New Bunny makes me uneasy. I don’t trust him.

    Also, you can force refresh on images and other files by appending “?whatever” to the url.

    Now please return my smart ass bunny. I’ve refresh my cache and now I have to manually revert the bunny images with inspect element just to avoid his creepy shaggy four eyed smile.

    • "No Bugs" Hare says

      If it is THAT bad, we will probably need to provide an option to choose the one which you like better (user-selectable cookie will do the trick). It is going to take a bit of time though (there is a Kickstarter project for the book Vol.1 coming soon, and we’re quite busy at the moment). I will try to remember to provide this “select your bunny” option after Kickstarter is over (stay tuned! :-)), but feel free to remind me about it if I forget…

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