#CPPCON2017 Day 0: IMO best posters

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Very short report from day 0 of CPPCON2017. Registration reception was lively (with Gor Nishanov being the star of the show, but lots of the other interesting people were noticed, I even spotted <da-dum /> Bjarne Himself).

There were posters, and while some were well, not to my taste (example: IMNSHO, a global deadlock detection system is necessary only in not-so-well architectured systems), quite a few posters were very interesting.

My personal Top 3 chart of the most interesting posters:

#3 is SourceTrail

SourceTrail @ CppCon

by Eberhard Gräther:

Eberhard Gräther @ CppCon

I have a long-standing problem with source code navigators, as I have seen too many instances when they lead to a code which is non-navigatable-without-the-specific-navigator (30’000-LoC file navigatable only using F11, anyone?) – but this one might be usable even in the longer run and for larger projects (it seems to provide feedback about complexity of your structure). Of course, it is not possible to tell it without trying – but it IMHO might be worth trying.

#2 is smartref


by Erik Valkering:

Erik Valkering @ CppCon

While is not really that much of revelation (after all, tinkering with macros is still necessary) – it might become a yet-another interesting case for compile-time introspection.

And #1 <drum-roll /> is…

Mike Spertus with his own C++17 feature(!) of constructor template argument deduction:

Mike Spertus @ CppCon

My by far favorite part of it is simulating concepts via constraining class templates:

Constructor template argument deduction


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