Cover Design for “Development and Deployment of Multiplayer Online Games”

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Good news for everybody waiting for the “Development and Deployment of Multiplayer Online Games” 9-volume monster book :-)!

We kinda-finalized cover designs for the first three volumes (NB: designs are not ready-for-print yet, but are sufficient to be shown on screen; minor changes are still possible).

EDIT: based on discussion on KS, cover for KS Edition Vol. I has been updated.

Kickstarter Edition
(for KS backers ONLY)
Regular Edition
#DDMoG Vol. I (Kickstarter Edition) #DDMoG Vol. I (regular)
#DDMoG Vol. II

As it was promised on Kickstarter, KS backers will get a choice between regular edition – and KICKSTARTER SPECIAL EDITION cover for the first volume; however – all the other volumes will be the same, so it is easy to mix-and-match your set from KS and from other channels (such as Amazon).

As always, all the comments are VERY welcome!

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Cartoons by Sergey GordeevIRL from Gordeev Animation Graphics, Prague.

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    • "No Bugs" Hare says

      Used to be one – but now I just don’t have time to follow it… :-(( BTW, Vol. IV-VI are planned to have baseball as their cover theme (and Vol. VII/VIII/IX are planned as weightlifting/boxing/mix-and-match-of-several-sports) :-).

  1. Mike Watkins says

    They all look great! Fantastic work, really well done – I am sure it was so much more work than expected; really impressed with everything 🙂

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