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“Sergeant Major” Hare
Author:“Sergeant Major” Hare
Species:H.A.R.E. (as "Harsh And Ruthless Engineer")
Job Title:Security-Enforcing Developer
Hobbies:Disciplining, More Disciplining, Even More Disciplining

‘Sergeant Major’ Hare is obsessed with writing secure software. He is even more obsessed with making everybody else to write even more secure software.

All orders issued by “Sergeant Major” Hare, Vol.1:

Client-Plus-Server Password Hashing as a Potential Way to Improve Security Against Brute Force Attacks without Overloading the Server

Abstract: Client-Side password hashing (in addition to existing server-side hashing) can improve resilience to brute-force attacks.
Quote: “Even if client-side is 10x slower than server-side, it leaves us with 10x improvement which is certainly a good thing to have”